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2019 RSG

India Summit&

Report Launch

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The Details

In 2008, RSG published its first comprehensive study of the Indian legal market. Since then the report has grown in profile and depth. It is now widely considered to be the most robust ranking of Indian law firms and survey of the market. It has been used by the UK and Indian governments as well as several bar associations and academic institutions such as Harvard University as a source of reference. 

To celebrate a decade of covering the ever-evolving Indian legal profession, RSG hosted its first Indian Forum to convene leading lawyers in India and launch its 2019 India Report.

The theme of the summit was growth. When the government reduced its corporate tax rate in September 2019, the Mumbai stock exchange experienced its biggest leap in a decade. The Economist magazine said one explanation could be that “there is a great deal of pent-up energy in the Indian economy, waiting to be released by wiser government policies.”  

We believe that a significant amount of that energy could also be released through realising the potential of the Indian legal profession. With top-notch jurists, a compatible system of laws, dynamic legal entrepreneurs and home to several alternative legal service providers, it has all the raw materials to be a world-class centre for practice. But it remains small.  

RSG only profiles 40 law firms as significant players; in-house legal teams are only now beginning to resemble mature corporate functions; foreign law firms are still not allowed to practise. RSG’s one-day summit explored what the profession needs to do to grow and mature, so that it can better advise India’s growing business, society and economy.  

Delegates and Speakers: 150 law firm leaders from Indian and foreign law firms, and general counsel from Indian and foreign corporations.

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